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Juraij - A story narrated by Prophet Mohammed (S)

Juraij (May Almighty bless him and give his shadow).

Mohammed (Allah's last apostle) - peace be upon him – say a moral story in front of his companions;

"There was (hundreds of years back) an Israeli man (a strong believer) called Juraij.

Once, he was praying, then his mother came and called him, but he did not respond to her call. He said (to himself), I should continue the prayer after finishing the prayer I can respond on mother’s call. When he finished his prayer, he gone to his mother; but mother was fulfilled her needs.

Again he starts prayer, unfortunately his mother has another need from him and she came to him the second time and called him; this time also happened same like first time and she didn’t get him, then she said, "O Lord! Do not let him die until he sees the face of prostitute."

Juraij used to live in a hermitage, the peoples noticed the spiritual life of Juraij and they want to analyze Juraij’s sincere. They arranged a beautiful dancer for this purpose.

The dancer went to Juraij with full makeup and garments to entice him, she approached him and presented herself (for an evil act) but he refused to join with her. She leaves him alone and left the place and joined her community.

But she got pregnant and she delivered a baby, she alleged that the baby was from Juraij.

The people went to Juraij and broke down his hermitage, pulled him out of it and abused him.

He performed ablution (washing before prayers) and offered the prayer, then he went to the male (baby) and asked him; "O boy! Who is your father?" The baby replied that his father is the shepherd.

(Actually, when she was on the way to her people she did meet a shepherd and commit an illegal sexual interaction.)

The people said that they would build for him a hermitage of gold but Juraij asked them to make it of mud only."

Here I have one more story almost similar with content and big difference in the concept/view, please read…

Vishwamitra & Meneka

Devraj Indra was worried about the rigorous Tapasya of Rajarishi Vishwamitra.

“What is his intention? Is he aiming at my throne? It can be so. Then his Tapaya has to be disrupted.” Indra decided.

Indradev summoned Menaka; explained things to her. ” His intention is to capture my throne. We have to stop him. Only your celestial beauty can move him. You are the one to do it.”

Menaka was silent. Indra tried to give her all assurance. “Viswamitra’s wrath may destroy the universe. But your alluring smile can charm him. His rage may shake the world. But your enticing gestures can be seductive.

‘His anger can bring the world upside down. But your movements can captivate him. His furious words may cut you apart. The fire in his eyes may incinerate you. But a touch from you will seduce him.”

The Apsara could do nothing but to agree. “But I have a request, Lord” she said.

“When I try to charm the Maharishi, ask the wind to spread a heavenly fragrance all over the forest. The gentle wind should become a violent storm. Ask him to blow off my clothes for a moment. At the same time ask Kamdev to shower his flowery arrows on the Rishi’s heart. “

Indra agreed.

Menaka moved in confidence……. Her dazzling splendor shining through her flimsy dress….

She entered the thick forest where Vishwamitra was in Ugra Tapasya. When she saw the Rishi, she felt sad for a moment. She whispered, “Mercy, Mahamuni, I’m but just an instrument.”

Soon she became conscious. She is endowed with an important task. Her charming body moved in rhythm. The fragrance & the sound of her anklets spread the seduction.

The wind blew off her clothes. She collected her clothes & looked around. Felt the gaze of the Rishi on her. His eyes devoured her magnificent beauty. She stooped in shame.

Kamaban was working on the Rishi. He invited Menaka. He was under the spell of Kama. Viswamitra spent the night with her & lost all his power attained through Tapasya.

When he realized that, it was too late. He had already lost his Asceticism.


This story is not ending here, there are some additional as we known…

Meneka became pregnant, after delivery she approached Vishwamitra with her baby, but Vishwamitra refused to accept blood relation with the baby.

Story completed.

I am putting these stories in front of you; you may please short out the moral lessons from the stories and also think about similarity of both stories.

If someone wants hear my opinions please ask me…

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  1. I am impressed with similarity of both stories, I think the both stories are one and the first story is the correct, because:

    - The first story proving a great success of a good believer, it is a big moral lesson to us.

    - As per the first story a dancer (dirty girl) can’t drag a believer to bad things/deeds.
    - As per the second story, we feel that Vishwamitra is the father of baby, it means in this story there is no any moral lessons to us, but only gives some bad lessons.

    - And it saying Menaka succeeded to broken the Ugra Tapasya of Vishwamitra.

    Vishwamitra was doing Ugra Tapasyaa, it means he was a noble monk, and Menaka was a bad girl, while she accepted the bid of Devraj Indra to do such bad deed with Vishwamitra. There is no any (even a small) possibility to obliterate an a monk lile Vishwamitra by a dancer like Menaka.

    My conclusion: So the first one was real story and the second one is the wrong version of the same, here we can understand two things:

    1 – Most of the religions from one source.

    2 – How the peoples diverting/diverted the things from realism to idealism, it happened (peopled diverted) almost in the all the previous religions.

    3 – The Qur’an is last testament from Allah (God) which the human can’t do any diversion in it, as Allah himself take the protection of Qur’an.

    So I invite everybody to study Qur’an